East Bay Winter League

East Bay Winter League

Welcome to Ist annual East Bay Winter League!  Join us this fall with your local youth and high school teams, and prepare for the spring season!  All teams will get 6 league games + season ending tournament on January 28th.

All teams participating will be in full compliance of NCS off season lacrosse rules. Teams will be open to all, and will not be reflective of spring lacrosse.

Winter League League

Dates and Times

  • Saturdays games held approximately between 10am and 4pm
  • December 2nd – January 28th, 2018
  • Season Championship Tournament: January 28th, 2018 @ Ygnacio Valley High School


  • High School



  • $2100/team
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2017/2018 Schedule


Dec 2 YVHS 10:00 AM Diablo Dogs Bronx Bombers
Dec 2 YVHS 11:00 AM Midnight Mavericks Silver City
Dec. 9 YVHS 10:00 AM Diablo Dogs Midnight Mavericks
Dec. 9 YVHS 11:00 AM Bronx Bombers Midnight Mavericks
Dec. 16 YVHS 10:00 AM Diablo Dogs Silver City
Dec. 16 YVHS 11:00 AM Bronx Bombers Midnight Mavericks
Jan. 6 YVHS 10:00 AM Bronx Bombers Silver City
Jan. 6 YVHS 11:00 AM Silver City Midnight Mavericks
Jan. 13 YVHS 10:00 AM Diablo Dogs Silver City
Jan. 13 YVHS 11:00 AM Bronx Bombers Diablo Dogs
Jan. 27 YVHS 10:00 AM Diablo Dogs Silver City
Jan. 27 YVHS 11:00 AM Bronx Bombers Midnight Mavericks
Jan. 28 (Game 1) YVHS 9:30 AM COB Midnight Mavericks
Jan. 28 (Game 2) YVHS 10:00 AM Silver City Diablo Dogs
Jan. 28 (Game 3) YVHS 10:30 AM Bronx Bombers COB
Jan. 28 (3rd Place Game**) YVHS 11:00 AM Diablo Dogs Midnight Mavericks
Jan. 28 (Championship**) YVHS 11:30 AM Silver City Bronx Bombers
Jan. 28 (For the Love of the Game) YVHS 12:00 PM COB Winner of SC vs. BB

**3rd Place Game and Championship Games are based upon league records


Basic Conduct Rules

  • There will be zero tolerance for racist, homophobic, sexist or derogatory language of any kind. This includes on the field, off the field, in the stands, players, coaches and spectator. If this type of language is heard, that person will be asked to leave the tournament immediately. Please make sure this tournament is a hate-free environment and enjoyed by everyone.
  • There will be no fighting allowed at any time. If a player punches another player during a game, he will be ejected from the game and/or the tournament. Refs will brief the tournament director after the game. The director will then determine if the ejection is for that game only or the rest of the tournament.
  • There will be no “takeout checks” allowed. Players are to play the ball at all times. A takeout check is defined as a body check in which a player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put a player on the ground. While we understand that these checks are often legal and a part of the game, we don‘t want a serious injuries in an off-season tournament right before spring season. A takeout check will be given a 120 second running time penalty. If a player gets called for 3 “takeout checks” in one game, that player will be ejected from the tournament. If this happens, the refs will notify the tournament director.
    Note: The tournament director will have the final say in any incident involving rule #1, #2 and #3. No refunds will be given in the case of an ejection.
  • All sticks must be legal according to current high school standards and rules. If a stick is found to be illegal (1 minute or 3 minute), that stick will stay at the penalty box for the rest of the game. All stick penalties will be given a 90 second penalty (even for a 3 min penalty). Refs will not check sticks unless a coach calls for one during halftime or a timeout (Sunday games).
  • Sportsmanship: Verbal abuse of referees from players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated. Flagrant violations may result in a team disqualification at the tournament director’s discretion, No refunds will be given to any team kicked out of the tournament.
  • All other rules will be called consistent to current CIF high school rules.

Game Format

  • • No Coin‐Toss or Line‐Up before games.
  • • AP determined by winner of first face-off.
  • • Game time will start promptly as scheduled.
  • • Time will be kept by the referees. Penalty time will be kept by scorekeeper. There will not be a central horn.
  • • 22 minute running halves / Four minute halftime.
  • • 1 Time Out Per Team, Per Game.
  • • Penalties are running time: 45 seconds for a technical foul and 90 seconds for a personal foul.
  • • There will be a five minutes sudden death overtime. If no team scores, game ends in a tie.
  • • Tournament games that go into overtime will continue until someone scores.

 Seeding Format

In the event of a TIE in the standings, the seeding will be settled using the following format:

  1. Win vs. Loss Record
  2. Head to Head Record
  3. Lowest Goals against (overall)
  4. Coin Flip

NOTE: Stats will be based on all games played, not just vs. the teams tied.

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