The primary objective and focus of the Sacramento ACES since it's inception in 2013 has been to coach, teach, and develop our student athletes through on field training, practice repetitions and skill development sessions. Team competition and tournament play is certainly a part of that process, as well as the overall enjoyment of lacrosse and team sports.  While the goals and desires of players to compete at different levels in high school and beyond may vary greatly- the development of fundamentals, discipline and work ethic, as well as the life lessons and foundational principles of training and working for individual and team goals is universal for all players.  This starts well before game uniforms are adorned, and tournament travel plans are booked.  Quite simply- we believe our primary job with the ACES is to teach the habits, skills and process on the practice field, that lead to success for our teams and players. 

With this in mind, we are separating our travel team and training programs.  This change is more philosophical than tangible- as our tournament teams have always maintained a separate registration component.  Tournament rosters traditionally vary by season as we support our multi-sport athletes with their school football, basketball or soccer schedules.  Our Pinnacle team has focused more on players looking to attend recruiting events and gain exposure and knowledge into the path of playing college lacrosse.  The ACES teams may offer multiple teams per age group in certain seasons depending on the roster depth of a particular class.  

The ACES Academy Training Program will operate very much as it does now- with training camp and weekly practices in the fall/winter and bi-weekly practices throughout the summer season.  All tournament rosters will be formed by players training in the Academy- and the ability to create tournament rosters from the training Academy, rather than training from our rosters, will give our coaches the flexibility to both focus on the areas we believe are most important- and help place our athletes in the best position to help the team and find individual success on the field.