Being a part of the Sacramento Aces program for the past several years has been a wonderful experience for both of ours boys. While being a part of the Sacramento Aces, our boys have learned combinations of skills, team building, competitiveness, along with many fundamentals to enhance their lacrosse IQ. Coach Frank and his staff have an exceptional knowledge of the game, which is truly like no other.As a parent it is wonderful to see how much Coach Frank and his staff relate to the boys and strive to make practice challenging, yet fun every week. It’s fun to see that translate onto the field during tournament play. The attention to player development is top notch. We are proud to be part of the Sacramento Aces family.


My son, Trey, was one of the first members of the Aces when Encore introduced the team in Sacramento. We were excited that we could avoid the arduous ride to and from the Bay area for practice with one of two other travel team organizations Trey had played with prior to the Aces. The thought of practicing close to home was exhilarating—if the coaching staff was as good as those of the other organizations Trey played with, then we’d hit the jackpot. 

To Trey’s and my delight, the Aces organization, from top to bottom, proved itself superior to any organization we experienced before. Every coach was not only knowledgeable about lacrosse, but demonstrated a passion for teaching the game to any player interested in learning, regardless of skill level. That Trey was passionate about the game only meant that his coaches were even more passionate about teaching him. Trey’s skills and, more importantly, his lax IQ, soared. Trey had found his travel team home. 

 Fast forward to 2016 and Trey was asked to play on the newly-formed Pinnacle Aces team that was going to travel to the East Coast to take on the best the East had to offer. Frank Resetarits had been telling Trey and his teammates that they belonged in the upper echelon of high school lacrosse; that the Aces could compete against anyone. Frank’s knowledge and skill as a lacrosse coach had always amazed Trey. Listening to Frank talk about how the Aces team was going east on a mission to bring back a championship infused Trey and his teammates with a confidence I had never seen before. By the time the team arrived in Boston, there was no question in any player’s mind that the Aces were going to stomp their east coast opponents. And stomp they did, closing out their 6-0 run to the championship trophy with a 10-2 thrashing of a talented but seriously overmatched New Hampshire team. The joy on the players’ faced was expected. What impressed me was the sheer joy on the faces of the Aces coaching staff—they were even more moved than the players! They take their jobs as mentors and life coaches very seriously, and the results are easy to see. 

Trey leans on his lessons from the Aces coaching staff frequently, both on and off the field. The only thing Trey regrets about his time with the Aces is that that time will soon be over as a player. My regrets about that are tenfold more intense. I’ve watched my son play at the height of his abilities with some of the best lacrosse players in California thanks to the Aces and their wonderful coaches. I can’t thank Encore enough for the help it has given my son to grow as a player and as a young man. 

Many thanks to all of the coaches who have touched Trey’s life: Ryan, Lorne, Steve, Jerem, John, Stephen, Greg, and most especially, Frank. You have all made a tremendous impact on Trey and me. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


I am currently the President and head varsity coach for a Sacramento area lacrosse club. I have been involved in the lacrosse community for 8 years. In 2014, when the Sacramento Aces was a relatively new club, my son came to me and asked if he could play for them over the summer. I was skeptical. It seemed like a lot of money and I wasn’t convinced it was worth it. Over the past few years, we have grown with the club. The experiences my son has had playing for the Aces have been exceptional. As we have gotten to know Frank, Ryan, Lorne and the other coaches, it is clear that they truly care about what is best for each individual player. They strive to develop not only the physical skills and lacrosse IQ of a team, but more importantly, individual character and sportsmanship. It is a rare thing to have a competitive club consistently balance the desire for success and winning with individual player development and experience. 

I have had several conversations with Director, Frank Resetarits. He is always accessible to players and parents for questions about the program and the collegiate recruitment process. His expertise, knowledge, and candor make him a treasured resource to the players and families in the program. I strongly encourage all players from my club that desire to play beyond the spring to try out for the Sacramento Aces club. 

As the sport of lacrosse continues to grow in NortherN California and around the country, the Sacramento Aces will continue to be the premier competitive lacrosse club in the region and my family is proud to be a part of it.


As a parent, you are always looking to help your children pursue their dreams and help them achieve success in life. Seldom do you run across an organization that has that same passion and is willing to partner with you to achieve those goals. After working with the Aces program and their Director, Frank Resetarits, for a little more than 3 years, I can tell you that this operation is one of those companies. 

My son has played sports since he was 5 years old but decided during his Freshman year in High School, to pick up a Lacrosse stick and try to learn that sport. His High School coach recommended that he work with the Aces program over the summer to learn fundamentals and gain Lacrosse IQ. As soon as Ryan started working with Frank and his team of very experienced and passionate Coaches, Ryan’s skill level increased dramatically. He continued to work with the program in the Fall (in between football and school work) and by the Spring of his Sophomore year, Ryan was promoted to the Varsity High School team. 

Frank also moved Ryan up to the Elite Club team and allowed him to travel with the National Aces Pinnacle Team when they traveled back East and won the Boston Legacy Tournament. All of this work, plus some excellent private Coaching by both Frank and Lorne Silverstein, improved Ryan’s Lacrosse acumen as well as his confidence with the sport. He was also selected for some very strategic Showcases and Elite Prospect Days which led to follow up invitations for specific College visit invitations. As Schools began to indicate their interest in Ryan, Frank would follow up with those Coaches and give them a realistic evaluation of Ryan from the perspective of someone who has competed at the highest level of the sport and is respected Nationally. All of this work and interaction resulted in more than a dozen Colleges recruiting my Son and more than half a dozen extending significant scholarship offers to come play for them when he graduates this year. Talk about making a dream come true! 

If your son, loves Lacrosse, and dreams of playing the sport at the next level, or you simply want to get him the training and education to be successful in the sport at his current level, you could do no better than to entrust the team at Aces with your player. They will offer him the guidance and the coaching necessary to achieve his maximum potential, all the while establishing a broad network of friendships within the Northern California Community. They are a Parent’s Dream Come True!


We have been thrilled with our Sac ACES experience. The coaches are outstanding and we have been particularly impressed with Frank Resetarits, who not only has an incredible player resume, but is also extremely good with the kids of all ages – two skillsets that are often hard to find in one person! We’ve also found the ACES players and families to be a fun, supportive, and “low-drama” group and I think that comes from the tone that is set from the top down. My son has enjoyed playing with the best players from all around his high school league and the relationships he’s made with them have made many high school games a mini-reunion of his ACES friends. The opportunity to travel out of state to play (and win!) tournaments against top competition is just icing on the cake.


The ACES program made playing in college for me a reality. I had aspirations to play collegiately and the Aces coaching staff was able to fine tune my skills and prepare me for the next level both on the physical and ‘lax IQ’ aspects of the game. The time and effort each coach is willing to put into every player on each team is unmatched throughout Northern California. I am very excited to see the culture of the game we have created here grow more and more each year